Fish: Decoration or Pets?

Sarah Y. Westmoreland

I often hear people remark that fish are decoration, that they aren’t really pets. Why? Well, you can’t play with them, for one. You can’t pet them, you can’t teach them to do tricks, they don’t recognize you when you walk in a room…

Well, I disagree.

I have owned several hundred fish in the past ten years (I made the mistake of buying, not one, but five pregnant female guppies… Yikes!). In that time, and with that many fish, I’ve learned a few things that, honestly, surprised me. The biggest surprise was probably that, yes, fish do have personalities.

Perhaps my favorite fish was a very bright, multi-colored, male, crowntail betta named ‘Fenghuang’ (I was very imaginative when it came to pet names when I was younger). This was just your run of the mill, every day, plastic cup betta from my local Walmart… or so I thought. After…

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