9 thoughts on “Big question 18/8/16”

    1. we are always the bad parent … but the same parent they come to with a problem or when they want something. No we are not perfect but no one can compare to how far we will go for our little people… Im sure you are fantastic mommy !!! 🙂

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  1. Take a deep breath and reconnect to Source. Source is called different things to many people – Spirit, Love, God.. It’s that goodness that surrounds us always and we just know it’s there no matter how much we sometimes deny it. Once connected realize you are the “ness” of that Source. For example, you are the DavidNESS of Source. The micro of the macro. At that point smile and remember you come from that great goodness and it’s not about you and them.

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  2. I have been called stuck up many time but the thing is if your’e facial expressions dont change because you have the classic “resting bitch face” that does not mean your’e stuck. I honestly don’t care enough about others and what they think if I did I wouldn’t be as confident as I am . People pre-judge with knowledge of who you are or what you have over come. Then you finally talk them and they say “Oh I thought that you was stuck up” !!! No one cares to stop and talk before prejudging everyone has a story .. ijs

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  3. I grew up being called names and in fifth grade, the entire fifth grade class had a club against me, with no one in the class talking to me. I was in tears every single day of that year. Even as an adult I have had people judge me harshly. It took me many years of therapies to heal all this and get to the point where I can hear someone’s bullying or judgment and feel sad for them for their obvious insecurity and dysfunction in their need to put someone else down.

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