Two Weeks in Thailand



This vacation is at the top of my favorites list for so many reasons!  The top three: Pad Thai (obviously), AMAZING scubadiving and lastly, the currency exchange rate!  Pad Thai all day for $1-$3!!

Eating Pad Thai for lunch and dinner 7 nights in a row was paradise enough for me… until I discovered papaya salads.  I didn’t know what my life was missing until that moment.  So I ate Pad Thai and Papaya salads for the next 7 days and nights.

We flew 12 hours to Bangkok, ran through the airport and caught our next flight to Ko Samui.  Then booked it to the ferry port and soaked in the sun and views on our way to the tiny island of Koh Tao for a week of diving and relaxation!  More of the former than the latter.

By complete luck, we met the most detailed and fun dive…

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