Seeking Love: Ten months into dating.


At 49 years old and almost twelve months after my first date I was begining to feel a little disheartened.  I’d met men who looked plain, average and even handsome on the outside – but most were quite ugly on the inside. There was no way to tell the men who really had the qualities they boasted in their dating profile from those who just knew the script for enticing a woman on to a date.

We always met at a cafe or restaurant and talked over a cup of tea or a meal.  Some were very polite, good speakers, good listeners and wonderful company. The rest were an unusual bunch who lacked self awareness or manners or they were just dating for intimacy. That last reason annoyed me most because I wrote on my profile that I didn’t want that sort of casual relationship.

Another startling point was that the profiles of many men in their 50s stated they were seeking a slim, athletic, outgoing…

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