David Snape Show 15.8.16 – Listen anytime, anywhere

On the show this week, we talk about our favourite sci-fi programmes, have an update on the Rio Olympics and how a car manage to take a driver all the way to the hospital.
Plus post of the week: Discover: I am an Introvert
New Artist Showcase: X Lovers, Banks and RIVRS.
Two interviews: Shekvrak who talks about autism and Vicki Goodwin who promotes her new book, The Path of the child

It’s Not All Greek to Me Anymore


It truly is as amazing as you think it will be!  The weather, the food, the VIEWS, the way of life… get ready to make some extraordinary memories!  Best travel time – June through September.  Busiest travel time – June through September.  You’ll have to just deal with the other tourists if you want the best weather.


First of all, let’s talk budget.  Yes, if you are flying from another continent, it can be quite expensive.  Quit using that excuse. Plan it like I did.  I was somewhat broke and still made it happed.  Put away a few extra bucks every week, cut out some things from your list of unnecessary expenses and JUST GO!  This was the experience that changed the vacation game for me forever.

Let go of the fear of perfect planning & do not book your hotel rooms on the islands in advance!  I recommend…

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