City Life


By Matt Cook

The streets are busy,

I’m dizzy,

Can someone give me,

A cup of tea,

To calm me,

Can’t disarm me,

The billboards charm me,

Subliminally harm me,

They’re scarring me,

To my living they’re marring me;

I’m yearning for a change,

Want to be turning away,

From the burning of the day,

Learning to be afraid,

Ever since the centre of world trade;

Was hit by the planes,

Corporations made gains,

From a nations pains,

Wars not the same;

Privatisation comes into play,

Companies are the sway in conflicts today,

The city is the breeding ground molded out of clay,

All around me is grey,

Separated by advertisements glitzy spray,

All through the night and day,

Seared into our minds and there they stay,

With our desires they play;

Our needs fade,

Our wants take centre stage.

Rats in a maze,

Part of the consumerist parade;


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