14 thoughts on “Big question 11/8/16”

  1. It’s not your typical Sci-fi movie, but I love the movie “In your eyes”. It is about a 20 something woman and man who have seen through each other’s eyes since childhood although they’ve never met. It is romantic, exciting and uplifting.

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  2. Stargate is my favorite sci-fi. I like the anthropological aspect of a culture meeting new people as well as that it is based around Egyptian culture.

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  3. There are so many! Let’s see, I like Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back (best Star Wars movie in terms of plot, score, engagement, and lore building), Star Trek: Into Darkness (because I have a weakness for dark takes on Star Trek), and most recently X-Men Apocalypse because I was most engaged with the story and I like the soundtrack! :D.

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  4. In terms of films, I love Contact; Star Wars IV, V, VI, and VII; most of the Star Trek movies (Star Trek Beyond is AMAZING!). For TV shows, I love The Flash, Quantum Leap, The Big Bang Theory, and most of the Star Trek series (although I’m partial to TNG and Voyager). I’m interested in the new show titled Frequency for the fall.

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  5. My favourite Sci-fi movie is Dune (1984). I can remember being a 14-year-old having a week off of school because of being sick (not too sure what I had), my mum took me down to the local VHS video store. I was allowed to choose one weekly movie, and there it was Dune, never seen anything like it. In that one week I watch it 17 times, it was a 2 and half hour movie, and I was obsessed with it.

    Why did I love it so much? First off was the score, I still have goosebumps when I watch the movie, second, it took me into a world that I could never imagine, so different from the Star Wars movies. Lastly, it was awesome!

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  6. Hm except from Stargate I’d say Ghost in the Shell. It has amazing dialogues and references to philosophy and literature. The side story of machines with a learning process shifts into the main aspect of the series: “What differs an artificial intelligence from humans?”

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  7. There’s a lot of stuff I like both in TV and movies. For TV shows I’d have to say Doctor Who, Star Trek Next Generation and Voyager. My boyfriend gives me crap for liking Voyager because of the episode where they turn into giant rats but I like it because it’s got a female captain. I also really like Ghost in the Shell, I’ve watched pretty much anything and everything to do with that franchise. As for movies I really liked the new movie Arrival, it ends up being more about the main characters choices than about the aliens but that’s OK.

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