Discovery: I am an introvert


Hey everyone!

I am sorry for being MIA for so long but many things have been happening and I am happy to report, most of them are great 🙂

You guys may have read from my previous post that recently I have been cocooned in my own personal shell, very different from the kind of person I or anyone who knows me thought I was. I attributed it to feeling self-conscious or some weird complex I had. Just this week, it struck me that it may not be that, because I actually ENJOY my little shell and I enjoy talking to people from within that shell.

Today, I logged in to tell you guys that I might just have been an introvert all my life and never known it. Does that seem impossible? Or is it just a phase I am having?

I have not in any way become scared to…

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3 thoughts on “Discovery: I am an introvert”

  1. I think I may be going through this myself….the need to say yes is so overwhelming as we are taught as young girls to always help out . I am currently trying to say no this month instead….so far so good…this post really resonates with me.

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