Dorm Chronicles #1 by Jessica Mehdikhani

“That was the day I found out the Helpful Honda Guys were real.” 
September 19, 2015.
Move in day. 
I was blessed with clear skys, and a wonderful mom to help me move in. I had feelings of nervousness but mainly feelings of complete excitement for my year ahead. 
Do you want to hear something even better? Okay, CSULA is placed on top of a giant hill (a mountain in my opinion). The day I moved in, my mom and I realized we were the only ones there to help me move in ….. and we had to carry a huge cart full of boxes and bags of my stuff up this steep driveway. 
We had no other option so we just had to do it. As we started rolling the cart up the mountain (driveway), a few people in blue shirts surrounded us out of nowhere! I am like, “Okay, where is my nearest weapon.”
Then they started introducing themselves as the SoCal Helpful Honda Guys and I immediately praised them for saving us. 
They grabbed the cart and used their man muscle to pull it all the way up the mountain and straight to my doorstep. 
These men were dripping sweat and out of breathe but they still offered to help us unpack my stuff. These people were honestly a blessing in disguise. We kindly declined the rest of their help, gave them some water, and let them walk away. 
That was the day I found out the Helpful Honda Guys were real.
What I had learned from this experience is that I had to have been watched over. I asked for help and the people around me couldn’t. I completely understood that. When I truly needed help, random people came to help me, which gave me much more confidence in humanity. 
I hope you enjoyed my first Dorm Chronicles blog and keep reading for even better stories to come.

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