The Evolution of Formula 1


Ah, F1. My first love, like literally. Some of my earliest memories were pit talk among the likes of Murray Walker and Jim Rosenthal on ITV’s coverage, and of course, watching great legends win over and over again. Igrew upin motor sports.

I don’t remember a lot in my early toddler days, but sometimes, I still remember the commentators/pit radio roaring in my head, “OH MIKA’S CRASHED! HE’S OUT OF THE CHAMPIONSHIP RUN!”, “OH LOOK AT HIM! CRYING HIS EYES OUT”. I don’t actually know where/which circuit that was, but that’s something I will probably never forget in my lifetime. I don’t know how young I was, either.

I was probably one of the earliest fans/followers of F1 in Singapore. I often went to school and I would be bursting with information about the recent race weekend and how Michael (Schumacher) won, again. When it finally…

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