14 thoughts on “Big Question 4.8.16”

  1. I started in a “KinderMusic” class at the age of 4, playing simple instruments like the bells, glockenspiel, etc.

    Then, I went to piano around age 5. It was fun, but I hated practicing!

    I didn’t want to play the recorder in fifth grade, so I picked the viola for the strings class. I loved it. I still didn’t like practicing, but I came to love orchestra and performing. I played for eight straight years – Fifth grade, all of middle school (grades 6-8), and all of high school (grades 9-12). I went to a strings camp for one weekend every May. My high school orchestra also received the honor to play at New York’s Carnegie Hall in April 2007, right before I graduated from the school. It was awesome!

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  2. I started taking piano when I was 7. Then I played the flute in the high school band. Then I learned a little of this and that on all sorts of instruments when preparing to be a teacher. I wish I hadn’t quite piano way back when. I’d love to be able to just sit down and play.

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  3. Ive aI’velways found that you never needed actual musical instruments to make music. Wooden spoons on pot pans, teaspoons on glassware (not too hard though #lessonlearned), even finger tapping on a table can be used to create some good tunes.

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  4. Oh boy! This is a loaded question for me. So when I was 3 my parents put me in Suzuki violin lessons. I hated practicing and threw my violin in anger more than once.

    Years later my parents decided that I’d try piano (I really don’t know if I asked to do violin or piano). I again hated practicing but you can’t throw a piano so they let me stick it out for at least a year.

    Then in Middle School I got the bug to do singing lessons. Of course I wanted to quit after a couple years, but my parents made me take them through high school. I’m SO glad they did.

    I haven’t played a musical instrument in years and I don’t sing very often for an audience anymore. I’ve taken up writing as my creative outlet. 🙂

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