Service Dogs and Fundraising

C.S. Castle

I never thought I’d be fundraising for an autism service dog. Adopting a shelter dog, maybe breeding purebreds one day.

That was until we heard the doctor tell us about two years ago, right before our daughter’s third birthday, that our Evie had autism. We knew things were different with Evie shortly after her first birthday. She went from an interactive, bubbly, giggly, attention-seeking little girl to a quiet, non-expressive, recluse over the course of a few weeks.

At first, I thought she caught a bug. It was winter and all kinds of bugs go around during winter time. I remember her doing strange things. Pushing her head into the ground in a way that made me think she was in pain. Looking straight through me, as though I wasn’t in the room. She stopped talking. At 12 months old she was saying things like, “Give baby bottle.” She was very impressive developmentally, really. She…

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