Skeleton Key

Sarah Y. Westmoreland

There are so many labels that are applied to us, from the moment we’re born. Our race, our gender, our citizenship, our hair color, our eye color: we’re divided into little boxes to describe us. As we get older, we acquire more and more labels; most of these pertain to our likes, dislikes, fears, beliefs, morality, etc.. While watching T.V. last night, I saw an (extremely hilarious) ad for “Farmers Only”, an online dating site with the slogan “City folks just don’t get it!”.

Well why not?! Why is it so hard to believe that a city slicker couldn’t appreciate a country lifestyle?

Now, I know all of the horror stories about “city folks” moving out to the country, dressing in plaid, overalls, and cowboy boots, talking with the most horrible imitation of a drawl that you could imagine, and calling themselves “country”. HOWEVER, I also know that not all people…

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