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Changing the World, One Laptop at a Time


Changing the World, One Laptop at a Time
Will technology really aid in the alleviation of low living standards in developing countries? One non-profit organization says yes.

Since its institution seven years ago, the One Laptop Per Child or OLPC has been at the forefront of the unwavering battle against poverty. The organization aims to provide technology to students in developing countries through durable but low-cost laptops. They believe that if every student is given an individual computer as his or her own, learning will be revolutionized, creating a domino effect which leads ultimately to a better living society.

There are arguments that provide valid insight against the project. One of which is the appliance of its program. Many areas targeted by the One Laptop Per Child are also areas where electricity is a major issue. Is it really a top priority, on a societal level, to hand out tech…

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