David Snape Show 25.7.16 – Listen anytime, anywhere

If you have missed the show, there is still time guys 😃

The David and Christina Show

On the show this week, we talk about getting used to conversation, how the #toohottosleep is taking off and how a multi-story carpark had everyone trapped inside.
Also Post of the week: Question for my mother by autism ensemble
New Artist Showcase: BB Diamond, Jessarae and Transviolet
Two interviews: J-Keys, the newest hip/hop rap artist with an exclusive play on his new single, Wreckless (remix)
Sarah Westmoreland talks about her books and her love of writing.

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Break a leg! Literally.

Mid 20 Crisis

Hello there.. I hope you are having a better vacation/summer than me. Mine is going pretty dead right now considering I just had a knee surgery and currently I am in the recovery mode. Yup.. sucks to be me!


This spring break me and my friends decided to go on a ski trip to Vermont. I was really excited. I love road trips, I had never lived in a cabin before and I was going to learn to ski for the first time in my life. It was going to be my very own ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’… excluding Ranbir Kapoor of course #RealLife.

We reached Vermont and the first thing we did was book our gear. I am no dare-devil, I was sure that I would end up like Wile E from road runner… but hey! I put on a brave face. My friend Tim saw the concern on…

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