4 thoughts on “Big question 28.7.16”

  1. “From a certain point of view…” luke skywalker to ghost of obi-wan kenobi. In my view its how we percieve and how the information is delivered, then we take it and try to understand what needs to be and junk out the nonsense.

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  2. See the media isn’t always wrong.. when the media gets TOO personal and starts labeling people or topics that’s when it gets messy. Because media has SUCH POWER if your a innocent person.. naive just flicking through channels and come a across let’s say news at 5 and a topic caught your attention because they’re the first to approach or catch your attention on a topic your unaware of both sides. You automatically belive unaware that their issue maybe from a biased point of view.. If anything you can’t always blame the media but at the same time I belive us as individuals shouldn’t always rely on the media but do our own research.. but at the same time media isn’t always right so my answer is media is good for informing you what’s going on in the world but also it can cause hate, judgemental assumptions.. etc.

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  3. Rubbish! To an extent. Real news is only good by reading it from multiple sources due to bias issues. Also, while it’s cool that with social media we can hear more perspectives than just the lucky news commentators, are those speaking even meaningful? Recently, a group of interns were fired for demanding to wear unprofessional clothes at work, and got half the Internet riled up. Do temporary interns who can’t handle slacks versus jeans for a few months really require such attention? No. Then again, seeing how great an animal rescue coalition is can be really awesome despite the small significance.

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