Identity by Katherine Scott

Discovering yourself is the most extensive journey you’ll ever take and arguably the most exhilarating. Each moment is an opportunity to learn about what you love and what you excel at. We’re told to embrace the elements that make us unique; so why in today’s society is this such a challenge?
Before we can speak, we are categorised. Gender, socioeconomic status and ethnicity are examples. This allocation into groups continues with age: sexual orientation, socialite, intelligent, introvert….it’s infinite. Defining yourself according to these labels can, of course, be positive and an important step towards self-comprehension. 
Despite this, labels are indisputably damaging. There is so much pressure to identify as a certain ‘type’ of person, that the intrinsic aspects of your individual personality can be crushed. What you feel and think and enjoy should not be based off a stereotypical role. Who you love and what you love shouldn’t have to be a fixed state of mind, but relate to whatever it is that you want and need in your stage of life. These labels can prevent opportunities from developing if we start to become complacent with the role society casts for us. Life isn’t a play, so there shouldn’t be a pressure to ‘act’ a certain way. 
I hope that you are willing to surprise yourself on the journey to self-identification. Remove all limitations. Be free to remain utterly true to yourself. Support shouldn’t just come from people who are ‘like’ you, but the entire community; because whatever labels have been assigned to each and every one of us, we are all human. Period.