My Future Calling?


There’s a time in life when your head says stop,

At the same time my heart would rather not.

I’ve played overseas and I want much more,

But the world around me is shutting the door.

It’s not east having wings like these,

It’s too hard for everyone to be pleased.

I scratch my head and bite heard on my lip,

I just can’t help but rock this ship.

If I stop will I ever start again,

If you made me you couldn’t be my friend.

So I stand still head turning in the wind,

Listening for a whistle hoping it will sing.

Lost in freedom and spoilt by choice,

Need an ear to listen to the cries in my voice.

The world offers handcuffs as a comfortable fit,

Do I offer my wrists and willingly sit.

I’ve started putting to bed my adventurous side,

The clamouring of society will…

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