David Snape Show 25.7.16 – Listen anytime, anywhere

On the show this week, we talk about getting used to conversation, how the #toohottosleep is taking off and how a multi-story carpark had everyone trapped inside.
Also Post of the week: Question for my mother by autism ensemble
New Artist Showcase: BB Diamond, Jessarae and Transviolet
Two interviews: J-Keys, the newest hip/hop rap artist with an exclusive play on his new single, Wreckless (remix)
Sarah Westmoreland talks about her books and her love of writing.


Boho Diaries

I was holding my phone which displayed the list of colleges I had shortlisted for post graduation course. Sitting in that room that day was something different . Prepared for all the competitive exams for a year and yet missed out most of the dream colleges by a margin. This was the last round, they were calling people by ranks  and slowly, slowly all the desired colleges were disappearing from the list on the phone.
And then the moment when the last seat filled for the last college of the list.
I sat there for two minutes in that hall, coordinator shouting ranks and the hustle of other thousands of student. And looked again at the display of the phone got up, and left that suffocating place. A place that I felt was just a reminder that I did not put in all my efforts,
a reminder that I should have…

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