!! Celebrations!! 


The man. The light.Stood still. A sight.Cold wind. His skin.So light. He flies.The girl. Some dreams.Her innocence. A pride.Be free. She fears.A thought. Wrongs & Rights.They meet. They feel.A treat. He believes.Past meets. She mistreats.A turn. Something relives.A birth. A bird.Blows candles. Forced mental.Some gifts. Some guilts.She thrives. He smiles.The fate. Comes faith.A role. Some play.The ups. The downs.Hands held. Fallen grounds.A celebration. A reason.He mingles. She fumbles.Send flowers. Hopes driven.She listens. He measures.Her man. His girl.Her tears. His girl.Her fears. His girl.Her screams. The girl.Some man. Same girl.

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