My Obsession… Vacations


First off, an introduction: I am 30+/-, party planner,recently married,mother-of-two (furbabies), opinionated, love to cook, live in Italy – Charleston, SC’s home, world traveler, food lover, wine enthusiast, gym addict, slight Netflix addict as well…, weekend sailor, decent skier, novice scuba diver, suffering runner, accomplished shopper and most notably, totally and utterly Obsessed with Vacations!!

When someone says they “wish they would have done this” or they “would love to see that”, I find myself not counting my blessings but rather talking to them about getting out and just doing what they want! My entire life I have had a hard time with hearing the word “no”. I do most things (not all) and then consider the consequences. I have been accused of being impetuous or stubborn but I really just LOVE adventures and new experiences.

I will take you through skiing in the Swiss Alps

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