7 thoughts on “Big Question 21/7/16”

  1. People always tell me I’m easy to talk to. I generally enjoy conversation, but when you don’t mesh with someone, it definitely is trying. haha

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  2. As someone with Autism I wracked my brain to think of something harder than conversation. I rejected banging my head against the wall and childbirth (which I went through 4 times once with a failed epidural & once after the pethadine ran out, so shut up judgie people). Conversation involves worrying about conversation, trying to hear people, concentrating on what they are saying, saying something relevant back, not insulting them, stopping talking, not revealing too much, not saying anything offensive and it just goes on and on, And then you become more and more light headed, and have kess control over stuff coming out of your mouth. When it stops you have hours of worrying about what you said & trying to remember if you promised to do anything, intermixed with sleeping because this is all so exhausting. I could go on, but that would be oversharing & kinda gross. Love your show!!!

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