What I’ve been listening to all my life…


Hello!Ciao!Hola!Bonjour!Konnichiwa!Its Nyana. Days are bustling lately and that’s why Ive been inactive. I know, I’m sorry. Anyway, what is the one thing that could keep me calm amidst all these buzz? Yep, It is music. Im sure most of you would agree that music is a stress reliever especially when its your jam. Then I thought it would be nice if I share my life’s essential songs. Music wouldn’t be this wonderful without these classics! They’re very nostalgic for me as well. So, turn the volume up and lets get started!

•A thousand years by Christina Perri
IMG_9393This song was played during prom and Its the theme song of Twilight Saga-one of my favorite movies.

•Let me be the one by Julie Anne San Jose
IMG_9394I just simply love everything about this song plus this version is by a Filipino singer.

•Fast Car by Boyce Avenue
IMG_9395I cant really explain…

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