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Do you want a chance to have your voice heard and be interviewed on the radio? Maybe you got a book or film coming out? Maybe you ant yo promote your band/music/shop etc.. Or maybe you want to talk about your specialist subject? Not only that, but for people who want an interview, can also take part in the quick fire Quiz – The Pyramid and get there name on the scoresheet. What you do is :Email me to register your interestGive details on who you are and what you want to talk aboutProvide a phone number so that we can contact you, via Skype is recommendedThen we will discuss details and find a time and date so that we can make this happenI shall look forward to your response

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Question for my mother by autism ensemble 

Did you see me twirl?Did you hear me scream?

Did you listen to me talk to myself?

Did you notice my hand washing routine?

Did you see me always looking down?

Did you hear me get too mad?

Did you listen to me memorize every word to every song?

Did you notice me erase and rewrite until my letters were perfect?

Did you see the way I walked?

Did you hear me repeat to perfect my words?

Did you listen to me sob?

Did you notice my selective mutism?

Did you see my struggles in school?

Did you hear me argue with my elders?

Did you listen to my complaints?

Did you notice me touch everything?

Did you see me leap to every other step up the stairs?

Did you hear me counting?

Did you listen to my anger?

Did you notice me distracted?

Did you see my immaturity?

Did you hear the other kids whisper?

Did you listen to me struggle to read?

Did you notice my gifts?

Did you see my art?

Did you hear what my teachers said?

Did you listen to my poems?

Did you notice my depression?


You did not see me.

You did not hear me.

You did not listen to me.

You did not notice . . . I am Autistic.

-J.S. 2016