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If you missed my show, there is still plenty of time 😃

The David and Christina Show

On the show this week, we talk about the changes from primary to secondary school, talk about your favorite teenage memories and seeing who has made the headlines for the wrong reasons.
Plus post of the week: from a woman to a mother by mysestina
New artist showcase: Blossoms, COLLyde and Billie Eilish
Your song requests as well as 2 interviews. Charlyn, last weeks new artist showcase, talk about their music and Sylvia Shults talks about her fascination with paranormal activity and goes right into the creepy, crawly world on her books.

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30 Seconds to Change a Life

Life on the Other Foot

You hear about accidents all the time on the news and media, but you never think it’s going to be you. On October 11th, 2012 my life completely changed in an instant.

I arrived at work on October 10th to find out we were being sent up north for some sales calls. A few hours of meetings and preparing later, we jump into the van excited to start our adventure. After many hours of driving at around 1am, I was completely exhausted and decided it was time to switch with my coworker and let her drive for awhile. I quickly fell asleep in the back seat. Only half an hour later I woke up with the seat belt digging into my side, as I’ve done so many times before I removed it to adjust. In that instance the van hit black ice, veering it across the road and into the…

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