Being Original 24/7

Avid Life Freedom

Good evening everyone. I hope all of you are doing well as I am today. Today, I want to write about being original and yourself at all times. I was taking pictures of the sunset while blogging this post.


I understand etiquette and manners when talking to and interacting with people. However, sometimes at social gatherings and networking seminars you’re going to be asked, “Who do you compare yourself to?” How do you answer this question? Should you say a popular movie star’s name or a famous public icon that has contributed to social causes?

My response to this question is, “I compare myself to the future me 10 and 40 years from now because….” Along the dotted lines I speak about how I want to contribute and impact the world around me. This may sound surreal but I have learned that people appreciate and inspire from originality and individuality.

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