Three Kingdoms

Arran Dust

I have ventured far beyond my world

To worlds that have yet to exist,

To shores with no seas

And prairies with no trees.

To fall upon this worn out shack

Serving up a drink for strange currency,

For it is here the old man speaks

Of the legendary three kingdoms

Shrouded in melancholy.

In the beginning three stood strong

Hand in hand, back to back

Strong as any wind or hurricane

And yet gentle as any meadow breeze.

But it was not to last,

Soon feuds and violence in shades

Bridges walked over, bridges walked under

In these times

Were all burnt asunder.

The first held their lands in the mountains.

Any morning you could stand outside

And view beautifully radiant cascades

Of sun against snow,

Diffracting the light in a verisimilitude

Of vibrant pieces.

The Frozen Kingdom

Dedicated to musical development,

The most perfect voices and talented players

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