The Day I Was On The News!


Back when I was married, my husband’s work moved us from the leafy North Shore of Sydney to a suburb in the west of Sydney.  The moment we heard about this move we curiously looked at our UBD Street Directory to see what was over on that side of town.  It looked wonderful!  Just one block away a wide river ran parallel to our street and at the end of Hollywood Drive was a caravan park.  Naturally we assumed this must be like a holiday destination.

When we arrived we were taken aback by how wrong we were.  The caravan park was for people who couldn’t afford to rent a house, the river was green and polluted with dead fish floating by and there was a sadistic murder down by the riverbank, near McDonald’s at the other end of the street.  While we slept peacefully, some sick criminal had crept up on a young couple who were kissing in their…

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