Life is Nothing but a shoe by Fairy Kumar

I know my comparison is not at all a good one but reality is always sour. I am pretty sure that most of you or rather all of you would not at all like to be juxtaposed with a shoe.

Do we all live a life, similar to a footwear? Yes. When a baby is born, all our family and friends come to see the new born. Similarly, when a new variety of shoe is placed in the showroom, it is also caught by the eyes of so many people.

Our life goes on and on… and we become old, passing all the hurdles put by life in our path. By the same token, as the shoe is purchased, it travels the world and a time comes, it abrades and gets tired by so much work done throughout life.

The soul too gets bored of living in the same person since so many years. The owner of the shoe also gets vexationed. As the person starts getting the support of diseases, the shoe also gets neglected by a person, who once used to love it! The days pass, and what remains is a life of no love, no solace with an essence of detachment from our dear ones. Our shoe also goes through the similar stage, a feeling of aloofness surrounded by it.

There’s hardly a thank for both our champions. They are left alone, with their ultimate satisfaction, which everyone barely receives. But if they are pleased by their actions, the end looks to them as a drop of water in a deserted island. And they both one day, says the last goodbye to the world either by being burnt or buried, and by getting dumped.

The life which they went through was kept by others at their shoe point. It was no one else, but you who created a place to stand in a crowd of billions and be distinct. Just like a shoe, it is difficult to become a palpable model but once you reach it, you realize it!

Thus, a man is nothing … But a Shoe!

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