Being in Our Twenties by Brittany Brice

Trying to find our way like the ones before us.

Gathering the words they’ve said

and the experiences we’ve obtained.


Many questions asked,

not many answers.

“Who am I? What am I to do in this life?”

Should I take a chance to do something big?

Or should I be safe and do little things, one at a time?”


Always encouraged to do the big things:

Opening a business, joining the military, even popping the question,

but never truly knowing what we are getting ourselves into.


When we were of adolescence, it was as though we were waiting at

a red light on the

intersection of freedom.

Yet, when our eighteenth year came

we didn’t know what to do at this green light.


To go straight, left, right, the choice no one else can make,

choosing a major, getting a job, learning to be our own financial advisors,

Where and when to move away from our parents…

Deep inside, questioning if we’re even

capable of making such decisions.


But one thing is certain,

We’re never alone.

There’s always guidance and

encouragement around.

Although, some things won’t be crystal clear

they’ll eventually make sense, but only if we

keep moving.

Sitting still is never an option.

Sometimes we need to take opportunities

while filled with the fear of failing and the uncertainty

of how it will all progress.


No matter what happens

knowledge is gained.

A lesson learned is always a success.


Tears will be shed

and frustration will occur,

but during these trials we’ll grow stronger

and gain the wisdom that will help those who are next in line

to experience this dismal whirlwind.


One day we’ll all get ourselves together,

reap the rewards of the struggles endured.

We’ll be the strong men and women we want to be

and make the most of this one and precious life

we have before us.

14 thoughts on “Being in Our Twenties by Brittany Brice”

      1. Congratulations Brittany, I have pick this post as my post of the week. That means I will read out the post of my radio show. Look out for the radio show post on Monday to have a listen. Congratulations once more 😃

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