8 thoughts on “Big Question 7/7/16”

  1. Summer vacations and random days off from school. I regret being in such a rush to grow up & get out of school because once you’re stuck in a job as an adult, that’s it. Stuck. It’s not that great really lol.

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  2. Choir trips. We snuck into each others’ rooms, sang on the bus there and back, usually had some kind of outing to see a show or dance. Crazy theatre kids just loving music and living in it

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  3. I started dating my husband of 24 years at debating camp, we had great times hanging around with his friends.
    But also once a week my stepdad would sit and watch fantasy films with me, it was so cool sitting there watching him talk about the film when he obviously didn’t really get it, I felt so loved..

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  4. I had a best friend who lived across the street, and she was a year older. We had some great adventures together. I also loved a big pond wed all go to and jump into off a swinging rope. I was a singer and a cheerleader do I loved the team work and creativity involved.

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  5. School memories.. Starting the day by Mum’s shoutings , getting ready to school early and running down to the bus stop only find that I am the first one to reach , fighting with my younger brother over silly things like fetching a cup of water or switching off the lights 🙂 ..

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  6. My favorite teenage memories are times at church. What? Seriously. There was always a sense of peace and a lot of fun. In the insanity of the world it was nice to know there was a place where love reigned and believing in God wasn’t weird or “controversial”. I hope my daughter can have the same experience as she grows up.

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