Guest writers needed

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You may have noticed that I changed a page on my homepage. I have a week off work this week and nows the time to let the world know that anyone can be a guest writer on my blog. Kiara Wilson was the first and only one at the moment and she has received many likes on her latest work 😃😃.

What I can do is have a look at your work and I will do all the posting and make it go online. I want to see appropriate content, anything I’m not happy with will be immediately rejected. But you can post anything you like, poems, stories, opinions, news etc….

If you want to contact me, please feel free to comment below or:

David Snape on Facebook
@davidsnape7 on Twitter (most appropriate to send your work)

Thank you very much and I shall look forward to reading and…

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6 thoughts on “Guest writers needed”

  1. I would love to be a guest blogger David.. It’s Maddie from Midnight Missives and Musings .. Actually if you like any of my blogs I would be have to have you post on yours -perhaps the Graduationally?

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