8 thoughts on “Big Question 30/06/16 ”

  1. It happened to me last December. I was out with kids and the purse got stolen with cash and cards. The kids were with me and they were very upset. Actually, we were not very comfortable with her and as soon as we got off the bus my son told me that he felt very uncomfortable with the woman and that minute I knew, I put my hand in the bag and the purse was gone. The kids wouldn’t get on the same bus again for a few days. I was all upset and even went to the police station to complain, then I felt sad for her, may be she needed that money for Xmas for her family and kids. I just gave up and took the bus home. Thankfully I had money stashed away in different places and had enough to get bus tickets. But yes, it is upsetting and scary, specially when you are with children!

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  2. I dropped my debit card at the gas station on a Saturday afternoon. Meaning, I could call the 1-800 but not go into a branch and just get a new card. Most places, if you call and put a block on, they’ll verify your last purchase. Additionally, a lot of card services (including the one my credit union uses – I used to work there) watches patterns. So in my case, the system automatically shut off my card because it was used at the same gas station within 15 minutes for a large amount of gas that I never purchase. When the person went into the station to get a prepaid phone, it was declined because of this hiccup in activity. It doesn’t undermine how scary it is to lose your card/possession, but always keep in mind that while frustrating, you can get refunded any bogus charges and cancel those cards.

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  3. I had my purse stolen in 1980..with my entire wallet in it, with all identification. I’ve had my house broken into and all stereo equipment ripped off. I had my checkling account hacked into and purchases made on my debit card and a credit card, that I didn’t make. I also had my purse stole in 1999. Not fun. Luckily the bank caught in when my debit card was used, and the gas credit card saw all the irregularities in the gas purchases. Somehow someone had stolen the number and made other cards and sold them.

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  4. My husband’s wallet was stolen or went missing five years ago. We tried to work out where it had happened, we cancelled all our cards, worried about ID theft and the loss of the money cut deep. We had months of trouble with our cards being in limbo & just remembering what had been in there.
    4 months later we found the culprit, one of our cats was the thief and had hidden quite a few things in a box under a cupboard, they are always now our chief suspects.
    Hope this lightens the mood.

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  5. My father’s wallet was robbed at night when he as going to work. Of course, the robbers had guns, so he had no choice but to surrender. Sadly, we never got it back nor did we catch the culprit’s. However, at least my father made it back safely. 🙂

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  6. Thankfully it hasn’t happened to me, although having this happen is one of my biggest fears. Before typing in my pin number in ATM’s now, I will trace my hand along the top part above the screen to make sure there aren’t any cameras, and make sure I always cover my pin with my hand. I also carry my handbag under my shoulder so I can feel it at all times. I did once lose £20 when I was ten and stuck in a city an hour away which wasn’t great; If I didn’t have a friends mum who bailed me out until my mum could pay her back, I don’t know how I would’ve got home!

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  7. I’ve had my card hacked. It was more confusing than scary. I wasn’t one to check my accounts regularly & when I did, the charges that were impossible to be mine was frustrating. I wondered how my information was attained, etc. But the card company was wonderful. No hassles, thankfully. Since then, I’ve developed a habit of checking my accounts weekly to make sure everything is on point.
    – HP

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  8. Yes my wallet was stolen with all the bank cards and everything in it. I did get shaken up at that time, but since then I have taken it as a lesson and very careful now to hold on to it always. I never keep it anywhere even for a second !!!

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