Together Alone

A Streetcar Named Youth

now; within the great darkness of our time,
we wander alone
as we reluctantly bid farewell to our familial home
in a line we trudge as if to our demise
no light nor sound will grant us reprieve
and what was once so bright, so hopeful
will be sentenced only to memory
the path we once walked, is now askew
and our hopes for the future, will not come true
as we stand in a darkness now renewed
there will be those who remember the days before
the twenty-fourth of june

but lo, on this day the sun blazes in all its glory
to illuminate the consequences of our decisions
and amongst the dark and despair
and amongst the hate and fear
and despite our struggle and attempts to prepare
nature will remind us that there is more to life
and that we must continue to battle and to strive

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