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Song for Phyllis

On politics, society & culture of Nepal - Arun Budhathoki

I heard this song
it said If the sun rises I’ll be in trouble
and then I heard another song and it said
I am singing for Zula

last night moths invaded me
tormented my flickering soul
I prayed the soul’s wick withstand the thoughtless matchsticks

I saw a shadow too
it rolled powder
and then I saw a bottle
and a nail piercing my heel
telling me to slow down
not become reckless

I killed the moth
I had the urge too
and the moths now laugh in intervals

they mock at my leg

I look at the bottle again
the room is intoxicated
grapes sprout in my brain
my heart becomes wine

and soul a blurry image

I am writing this song for Phyllis

you never fail to intoxicate me
even when you’re fading away

like traces of our footprints
on the oceanic seashore

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