4 A.M

esoteric resonance


For my 4 A.M musings,
i prefer going back to that night
when you left me
in middle of
my undressed state
and satiated mind.

You said, “Darling! it’s business”.

Your leaving was dispairing ,
Your umpteen kisses could not fare well,
more than me,my wrinkled bed sheet was going to miss you.

That night, i could not sleep
lying in my bed, bare
i kept staring at the ceiling,
the fan was waiving at me
and airing
my undone sentiments.

I dozed off helplessly,
not my fault
the night moved her fingers through my hair
while touching my forehead, gingerly.

I was in trance,
i walked on path dusted with silver ash
and stars hanging from mysterious trees
some alone, some in group
some were floating together
exactly how a constellation would be.
The clouds were nestled in tiny spaces,
they too must have given in to the night

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