4 Reasons Why “Shower Thinking” is so Important

The Inquisitive Entrepreneur

The last remaining place I’m guaranteed to be alone with my thoughts is in the shower.” -Teddy Wayne, writer for the NY Times

How much time a day do you give yourself to just be alone? Sleeping doesn’t count. Nor does watching Netflix, checking Facebook, or swiping for matches on Tinder. Although in these instances you may be “technically” alone, you are still being distracted by outside experiences that inhibit your own time for reflection.

In reality, we don’t give ourselves that much time, if any, for reflection. We are constantly moving from class to class, job to job, and meeting to meeting. During those brief “breaks” in our normal routine, where we find ourselves without anything to do, most people turn to their smartphones or laptops. They would rather check the latest sports scores or see how many likes their instagram post received than to take a moment and reflect on…

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