David Snape Show 13/6/16 – Listen right now

If you missed my show, there is still time 😃

The David and Christina Show

On this weeks show, we discuss if rich people get away with stuff more than the poor, the latest from both the EU referendum and Euro football and how one particular exam paper had drugs and prostitutes in the question.
Plus post of the week, Thank you chronic illness for teaching me a life lesson by Pascalle Johanna Van Stralen
New Artist showcase: Maren Morris, Kiah Victoria and Austin Ato
Interview with Philipe from Solstize music from last weeks new artist showcase.
Plus a huge variety of music.

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Reflections From the Heart

My family was poor.  As a child, by not owning four-legged friends, I grew an interest in the behaviors of tiny critters, such as insects. Curious at what lay beneath the ant piles, I liked to dig apart their colonies to watch the different activities of the workers, the soldiers, and the queen ant that I read about in books. I never developed a fear of grasshoppers, even if they spat “tobacco” on my fingers, or of handling caterpillars that pricked when they crawled on my hand, or of sneaking up on lizards that left their wiggling tails behind — I was too caught up wondering what the funny red thing on their throats going in and out was all about. My fascination for those critters was a favorite pastime.

Not all school projects were memorable, but I recall one that stuck with me for years. When the teacher assigned a report on any…

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