I didn’t even know what I was doing by suchcontetns

When I was a kid, frequently when I had problems or I felt I wanted or needed something I always turned a candle on and prayed to a virgin. Later within hours or a few days, my wishes became true.
I didn’t realize until when I was older that is not just to pray and just say a few words. When we are kids, we are all innocents and all of our thoughts and feelings are pure. This is where the law of attraction takes place.
The law of attraction is not about think positive and wait for something good to happen to you. I thought it was like that when I saw the movie “The secret“, but I think there is a clue that needs to be mentioned there. It is not about thinking positive and just staying still and wait for something good to happen, it is much more…yes, thinking positive really helps because in your subconscious this will help mold your mind but you need to do things in a positive way.
Keeping with the example when I was a kid I remember I lost a toy, I looked everywhere but I couldn’t find it. I turned a candle on and prayed or wished I could find it, and within minutes I discovered where it was. This may sound stupid but I think is the way that you should make wishes, your sentiments should be pure and should come from your heart.
Another example that happened to me last year in 2015. I was at the subway going to my university, I used the automatic stairs and someone felt or something (acted) and someone stole my wallet, I was really mad because it was not about the money but the documents I had there and how hard it could be to return them back. That day I had to ask for some money to return to my home, and I was still thinking about that. My wish was that I wanted my identity card back and my university identity card (in my mind sounded crazy because that never could happen, at least in my country). The day after I reported my wallet was stolen and my day continued normally. Two days after when I was about to enter the university a guard identifies me and tells me: -Hey you are the one that lost his wallet- the guard said. -Yes it was me, why?- I replied. -Take, here is your id and your university id, you are so lucky- said the guard like anxious, at that moment I felt I could do magic because it is not normal (specially in my country) that someone returns your items back. I was news in my university so I wrote about what happened and finally I discovered the way to make wishes.

3 thoughts on “I didn’t even know what I was doing by suchcontetns”

  1. I enjoyed your story, SO glad you received your wallet back.

    I too am looking to focus on abundance, abundance does not come only from money, it comes from being true and pure, focused on a goal and working pure toward this.

    I have to reach many many people about what I know to be crucial for the cells of our body. I research so I am very knowledgeable, I contact and I pray that people will see and most importantly hear what I have to say. I am energetic, focused and looking forward to the abundance that will come my way. Like a focused dream!!!

    When I reach abundance I will be forever changed because of all the lives I have touched to improve, health will abound and lives will be changed forever, I am truly blessed to do what I do, I am blessed to be able to reach out to people, I am truly blessed to now understand what abundance is all about.

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