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What topics do you want me to talk about on my radio show? It could be anything you like, maybe about a recent news story, about myself and autism or maybe it could be something on your mind. Put your questions down and i will give you a message when I will answer your question on my radio show. Looking forward to answering your questions

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An Open Letter to All Parents… (The Epistles #9)

teiya oloilole

It takes a village to raise a child.
-African proverb.


Dear Parents,

You know those things that you just can’t let go of? They keep nagging away at your conscience. Why an open letter? Because, some may not like what I have to say (plus, I want people to rant *evil grin*). The reason for the letter? A discussion (some will call it an argument. It is all about perspective) with my mom. You heard right. At the end, I realized that someone had to serve it to the parents really cold.

I see the guns already drawn. If I am going to get shot could I at least get a second to plead my case? Landmines. You have heard of them. Right? Explosives ready to go off. A bad situation just waiting to turn worse. We are sitting ducks. That is why I seem to have taken issue with…

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