Derivation of idea by Fairy Kumar

“Life, a derivation of our own self.”

Though the quote in itself can make you free from all your worries and give the pleasure to sit back and relax. But I cannot limit your thoughts here. Read some more and then go to the spa of your mind.

You all must have memorized and learned a lot of derivation in your chapter of life when you were playing the role of a student. I will not say a learner because one must keep on playing this role till eternity. This is the most important role in making your story a big hit.

Derivations started from the basic formulae and eventually changed into the most dangerous thunderstorm for some. There were people who got scared from their lightening but there too existed the ones who transformed this lightening into a spotlight.

Therefore, derivations keep on playing an important role in the book of a particular subject or in the book of a life. But they are always successful in making you say, “Eureka!” Satisfaction of each and every derivation is noteworthy and more glory is added to this when the derivation is wholly derived by you. What say? (Still Amazed??)                                   Think… think!!

If I write about my opinion, I would say that Derivation of a Formula is not really destined for me! (The above line is strictly based on what I have understood till now about myself. Rest is still in the derivation of God!) All that I can derive is a new derivation from the collection of old words transformed into some new paragraphs ( Might be the paragraphs of some future novel, WHO KNOWS?? 😛 ) every time I sit with my pencil, diary, headphones ( ONLY SOFT MUSIC ALLOWED!) and laptop. My derivation though deviates each time I sit and hold my pencil again.

So, I think derivation is important. No matter what the subject is! The only part which must be included at the end is the inner feeling of “Eureka!” Until and unless this feeling is felt by you, don’t try to think about any invention to take place in your life. The world is still quite far…

Derivation cannot be correct always. That’s okay! Keep trying. Remember, failure can only keep you troubling until the time you derive the formula of success from it!

Keep Deriving.

Keep Revising.


Keep Applying.

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