Thank you chronic illness, for teaching me a life lesson

My Life With Chronic Illness

Chronic illness was the last thing I expected to be confronted with. But it struck me, and how. It did not become progressively worse, it just happened overnight. There was no way for me to prepare myself for illness, let alone chronic illness that would probably last my entire life. By the way, I do not think anyone has even been ‘prepared’ well enough for illness of any kind, as people rather not think of the possibility that they could fall ill at any given time. Neither did I, especially not as the sixteen year old teen I was.

Gastroparesis and achalasia robbed me of a normal teenhood and also of the future that I had in mind. But every cloud as a silver lining, and so does this cloud.

For people who are chronically ill, keeping an optimistic outlook on life can be very difficult. Chronic illness is scary…

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4 thoughts on “Thank you chronic illness, for teaching me a life lesson”

  1. I well know how chronic illness can effect a life, I have ra. I also know how you feel wanting to help those that are ill, I am helping myself recover with the aid of GSH, I just want to shout from the roof tops how good it is, when you find something that is good you want to share it so others can regain health. I am sorry for what you are going through, hope you have more good days than bad, do take care

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  2. Chronic illness has changed my way of life and the way I think too. I’ve experienced the negative effects but also the positive on my better days and support from other sufferers xx

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