6 thoughts on “Big Question 9/6/16”

  1. I think in most cases, yes. But, it’s not because they are liked or respected any more than anyone else. It’s more because they’re intimidating, therefore less people tend to speak up in opposition.

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  2. Of course they can. They can almost do anything they want. Example: How many poor people who use drugs end up in jail? … While the big guys can use coke and other stuff almost every day, and if they get caught they pay themselves out of jail. The more money you have, the more is possible.

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  3. Yes. Many times they can but sometimes they do get what is coming to them. Take for example Bernie Madoff. He bilked and robbed many people and non-profit organizations. Some folks lost their life savings. However eventually he not only went to jail but lost both his sons, one to suicide the other to cancer. The sons wives moved away and changed their last names. I also believe his wife finally left and/or divorced him.

    Even one such as Donald Trump will pay for his sins. Whether you can it God, Karma or the Universe. In time he will be duly punished for all his misdeeds.

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