David Snape Show 6/6/16

On the show this week, we take a closer look at the worlds most expensive phone, find your most expensive purchase and look at the people who took their driving test the most times.
Plus post of the week: Dear me: a letter to my 18 year old self
New Artist Showcase: Solstize, Sway Clarke and Hanna & Andrea
Interview with Graham Sclater to talk about his new book, more than a woman, plus an exclusive track from his Tabitha Music Limited.
Also a special tribute to Muhammad Ali at the end of the show.

|| With You Around ||


If I told you that I love you,
Let me hear what you say.
If I told you that I hate you,
would it all end in vain?

I fear,
the world around.
I veer,
with you around.

If I show you all the good around,
would that mean that you stay?
I’ll turn around and leave the ground,
won’t let you see my grace.

I bear,
the truth in me.
It’s clear,
with you around.

If I pay the lord and let you smile,
would you cry in my pain?
You leave my sight, I sail my life,
it’s plus in my stain.

And I preach,
my words surround.
We win,
with you around.

If I told you that I need you,
would you pull my hair?
Close my eyes and make me pry,
for all we have said.

If I leave you, never turn aroused,
would we still feel the same?
Rip our pride…

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