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If you missed my radio show, there is still time guys 😃😃

The David and Christina Show

On this weeks show, i give my exclusive review on the new Star Wars movie, the brand new Top Gear and find out why David Cameron has got his wife a cheap car???
Plus post of the week: Sarajevo by I think ‘therefore’ i write blog
New Artist Showcase: Narn, the aces and Huntar
The interview with a difference: Cate and Ronnie interview me, you can have a look at this link: http://fightingcate.com/an-interview-with-david-snape-by-cate
Plus music from the likes of Led Zepplin, MGMT and Sam & Dave

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Nothing Compares

Geek In Chic

“Thanks for coming over. Text me as soon as you get home?”  He asked as he walked me towards my car. I turned around and faced him. His gleaming eyes, so big and gentle looked right at me with hope. His crooked smile make me feel so welcomed every single time.

“Sure, and thanks again for dinner. It was amazing.” I answered back. With that he leaned in for a kiss. First on my forehead, then finding his way to my lips. I could still taste the wine on his lips, and for a split second my knees went weak. When he pulled away he opened the door and kissed my forehead again once I was settled inside. As I drove off I could still see his reflection through my rear view mirror. He stood there until I was out of his sight.mirror“Hold it in”, I tell myself but it’s already…

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