Is the Cup Half Full or Half Empty?


We are all too familiar with this psychological question being used as the topic for today’s article. A person that thinks the cup is half full is viewed as an optimist while a person that views the cup as half empty is a pessimist.

What word can then be used to describe someone who is indifferent about the normal views on the cup, he just focuses on the water no matter how little, no matter how much of his water is being wasted or stolen, some of us might be tempted to invent words such as: optissimist, pessioptimist or even optipessimist. After proper consultation and 55 ½ years of independent research, the FMT Team has come up with a word that perfectly fits this psychological profile; you need not go far as everyone reading this has most probably said or heard about this word, the word is…….**rolling drums** NIGERIAN. Don’t be confused…

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