Are you crazy? By Riya Sharma

You are Pakistani and you want to marry an Indian girl? Are you crazy? You are not just two human beings in love, you are two different religions, two rival nations constantly at a war! Where do you see love in it?You are enemies and unless you want to perish in the hands of society, you go marry a a girl of your ‘label’.
You are gay? Are you crazy? Nobody is gay by birth! You are supposed to love a girl not a person you love. It is just a phase and you will soon be over it. Have the homosexuals gotten to ya? There is no such thing as being gay. It is an illusion, you can’t be gay!
You want to wear a skirt? Are you crazy? You are a male and skirts are for females. It is not just a stupid piece of clothing, it is the representation of female gender! You can’t wear skirts.
You are a female and you want to become the head of a church or a temple? Are you crazy? Is it not enough that you are included in the choir? You can’t reach the top! What will happen when you get periods? You are impure then, cause you can totally control your hormones.
You are 50 and not yet married? Are you crazy? How can you not share your earnings, that you earned, with someone else? Do you not feel insecure? Who will take care of you? Cause you will forever be a baby girl! Cause marrying is not living with the person you love, it is living with a bodyguard. You are fifty and not married? You must be a slut! You go marry the first person you see!
You are a student and not good at studies? Are you crazy? Who cares you are good at art? Who cares you have good morals? You ain’t doing shit if you do not score an A+ in maths! cause Pewdiepie is totally using algebraic equations to earn his dollars.
You are not fit? Are you crazy? You are flat? Are you anorexic? You are curvy? Are you obese? You go work out 27/7 and die out of being tired cause that is common sense!
All the people mentioned above, are you crazy? You are not human beings, you are a subject of gossips! You do not deserve to live, unless you follow the rules and norms of the society! so you go get an A+ in maths and science, work on your fitness and marry a person of opposite sex from your own religion, at the age of 21 and also, wear a jeans! Riya Out!
*this was obviously me being my super sarcastic self and I just wanted to let all the stupid people know what they sound like. I do not mean it and I guess people who say the above mentioned stuff shouldn’t be taken seriously!. Life is too short not to live it.*

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