4 thoughts on “Big question 26/5/16”

  1. Growing up as a part of the “Prequel” generation was quite interesting. I enjoyed them more as a kid than I do now, though I’ve always had an affinity for the original trilogy. I do look forward to the new stuff and was very impressed with Episode VII. I can’t wait to share the new movies with my kids when they’re old enough, too!

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  2. I’ve seen all the Star Wars movies, although in my mind, there are only four true movies. I’m now married to self-professed Star Wars geek, so I have a much greater appreciation for the movies and the culture. I loved Episode VII, and I’m excited for the future!

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  3. I am beyond happy that the new movies are like the originals! Basically, the prequels don’t exist to me. They were horrible when they started in late elementary. It was amazing to finally watch a legitimate, thought-out, quality movie in theaters that lived up to the legacy. I’m so excited to see more!

    My best memory is in two parts, but with the same great crowd. I have an uber Star Wars nerd friend, and she made a compilation video of all the lightsaber decapitations of hands, heads, etc. for a New Years Eve countdown. We also have a friend who has a collection of lightsabers to be used in LARP, and at parties we would have lightsaber duels at night!

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