Life After PTSD & FND: A Worthy Life

recovery-2 Eve Hinson, 2012 on left. Eve and her daughter in 2016.

By Eve Hinson | American Badass Advocate

(Previously Valley Voices, The Fresno Bee | 2015)

One in four is challenged with a mental health illness. I am that one. In 2010, I triggered with Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures and PTSD. Before becoming mentally disabled, I was an online designer, social media guru and nationally syndicated blogger. After the trigger, I lost six-years of memory, day-to-day tracking of time, ability to talk and be understood, and my cognitive abilities dissipated at a rapid rate. I also struggled with body tics, tremors, seizures and chronic struck-by-lightening pain. At one point, I needed help  with mobility and basic self-care.

If that wasn’t challenging enough, the stigma of having a mental illness permeated every aspect of life. During the darker days, my words didn’t hold merit with many, including doctors. People would talk in front…

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