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At an orphanage we met, grew fond of each other,
victims of life’s brutal unforeseen choice
Fate smiled one day, blessing you with an adoptive mother

“You shall meet again” whispered an unknown voice

Twenty years later

A reporter I roamed the world
covering war stories for the daily mirror
A righteous voice for the unheard
Through my lens i captured unspoken terror

A volunteer in doctors without border
like a nomad you traveled from camp to camp
A beacon of hope in a land of disorder
a future for the hopeless you would revamp

A twist of Fate

Sarajevo 1994
my eyes fell on you
would you recognize me I wasn’t sure
Fate brought us together, out of the blue

holding hands in a war torn alley
we took a trip down memory lane
spoke of war crimes in Beirut and Bekaa valley
how  you smuggled a medicine truck to Croatia from Ukraine


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